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“When the whole world had to go indoors, my dream was to bring the beauty of the outside, in.”
 – Fanny, Founder of Wall In Vogue

Bonjour and welcome! I am Fanny, Founder of Wall In Vogue, the finest wallpaper shop in Miami, Florida that ships everywhere around the globe. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about us.

What started out as just a dream transformed into a reality during one of the most challenging years in our own recent history, 2020. When the whole world had to go indoors, we wanted to bring the beauty of the outside in.

Wall In Vogue is the culmination of years of design experience, as well as our desire to make wallpaper the new must-have haute couture item for the home. We wanted to help people turn their houses into their dream homes, where each room could whisk them away to sanctuary and bliss. Our fabulous team of artists and illustrators work together to create stylish and sophisticated collections that capture the spirit of Wall In Vogue, always adding that little touch of French.

It has always been my dream to create a brand of high-end wallpaper that draws inspiration from the world around us— with its rich history, natural beauty, and elegant charm. More than inspiration, our wallpaper honors the world around us. We are committed to respecting our precious planet by only using eco-friendly and PVC-free materials to print our beautiful creations.

Now that you know a little more about us, it’s time to let you explore and discover our universe through each collection, so you can find the perfect decor for your wall.

About Us



Founder of Wall In Vogue. Passionate visionary with a sharp eye for design, who genuinely cares about her clients and team.


Dedicated Sales Manager and expert wallpaper consultant who is knowledgeable and quick with recommendations. Fluent in English, Spanish, and French.


Head of our Design Team. Talented artist able to capture and blend various element types to create the perfect design for every style, to spec.


At Wall in Vogue, we care as much about the quality of our wallpaper as we do about the environment. We are using eco-friendly and PVC-free materials to print our beautiful creations.

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