Order free samples

Order free samples

We encourage you to order a few free samples of our wallpaper to get started. This helps you get an idea of the quality of our materials, depth of design, as well as whether it’ll work on your specific walls. 

The #1 issue that first-time clients encounter is wallpaper not sticking to textured walls. We recommend that our wallpaper be used on walls that are clean and smooth. 

Order a few of your favorite styles today and try them out on your wall. If you have any doubts, please reach out to us and a member from our team will get back to you as soon as possible to help.

Please notice: 

  • The full mural design is scaled at sample size.
  • The pattern is always larger print than your sample.
  • As requested we can add the the real size sample attached too.

How to order

At each listing you can find a drop down menu to select material and color. After make your chose you click at buy a sample bottom. 


At Wall in Vogue, we care as much about the quality of our wallpaper as we do about the environment. We are using eco-friendly and PVC-free materials to print our beautiful creations.

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