How to add new products

Duplicate products

How to duplicate products – Create a new product based on an existing one (more detailed video)

Single variation

How to create a new product with only 1 color

Multiple variations

How to create a new product with multiple colors

new colors

How to add a new color if it doesn’t exist for the variation you are about to create

Product videos

How to add a video to a product’s thumbnails (product related or variety related)

Images titles & alt text for SEO

Here’s how to change an image’s title and alt text – This is important for high google ranking – Google will display this image to users that search for the leywords included in its name (Title) and alt text (Alternative Text).


At Wall in Vogue, we care as much about the quality of our wallpaper as we do about the environment. We are using eco-friendly and PVC-free materials to print our beautiful creations.

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